El Barro de la Revolución /book

2019 Artist book. Research project directed by Paloma Polo with the support of Rey Claro Casambre and M&M&M. With texts by: Lorena Barros, Vicenta M. Buenafe, Roja Esperanza, Ara Gaag, Maria Guerra, Fiel Guillermo, Amado V. Hernandez, Ka Hoben, Rebo Iwag, Ka J.O., Emmanuel Lacaba, Silvia Madiaga, Lucia Makabayan, Bayani Obrero, Joven Obrero, OC Red, […]

El Barro de la Revolución- The earth of the Revolution

2019 Video HD- 120’8” What social conditions give rise to political change? This question propelled my immersion in the revolutionary movement in the Philippines, the oldest and most consolidated struggle for democratic sociopolitical transformation in the world. The work, coexistence, and filmic inquiry I undertook in a guerrilla front were the culmination of three years […]

What is Thought in the Thought of People

2015 3 drawings: 50×70 cm- 2 drawings: 35×50 cm- 1 drawing 40,5×30,5 cm Video HD- 17’ The hour of the serpent descends on the land, echoes an old man’s voice as he recalls a memory meandering between the mythic and real. Faceless, the testimony unfolds, unhurriedly. This is a tale where both temporality and territory […]

A Fleeting Moment of Dissidence Becomes Fossilised and Lifeless After the Moment has Passed /book

2015 40 inkjet prints on cotton paper. Framing glass including serigraphy. 51,5 x 34,5 cm each. Artist book. Download for free: The series of images presented are derived from a collaborative research undertaken by Polo in dialogue with Naty Merindo, an 85-year-old Agta woman living in the Peninsula of San Ildefonso, Casiguran, Philippines. The […]

Unrest: Film

2015 Video HD. 47’ 36’’ Unrest explores themes of expropriation, exploitation and emancipation at three planes of reality. The first plane is the reality of those who experience expropriation. The second is the modes of exploitation by various actors. The third plane is the responses to the expropriation and exploitation of those seeking emancipation. The […]

Unrest: Research Project

2014 Collaborative inquiry, exchange and discussion. For more detailed contents please read the website “Unrest”: During the earlier stage of my three year immersion in The Philippines, I investigated the instruments deployed in that context to dominate and legitimize land grabbing, while my principal interest laid in the organizations combatting this exploitation. In the […]

Through Cloud. Hopeful. /book

Artist book / Publication 2012 16,5 x 19,5 com. 65 pages. English/Spanish. ISBN: 978-84-8026-451-8. Edited by: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Authors: Paloma Polo, Catalina Lozano, Gisa Weszkalnys, Richard Ellis. Download for free the digital version of the book. “Through Cloud. Hopeful.” : Telegraph sent by Arthur S. Eddingtonto the Astronomer Royal Frank Dyson after […]

Simultaneity is not an Invariable Concept

2012 14 Collodion wetplate photographs (ambrotypes). 8 x 10 inches glass plates. The glass photographic plates represent different points of view of a number of observation instruments arranged in space just at the time of the total eclipse observed by Eddington in May 29th, 1919. In fact, they are digital reconstructions of an imagined space […]

The Path of Totality

2010 Projection of 79 slides. (Projection size 45 cm. aprox. in its largest side).     The empire of the Sun   The idea that art generates knowledge is not new, and with their practice many artists contribute to the expansion of research into various fields of knowledge.   While each area of Western knowledge […]