El Barro de la Revolución /book

2019 Artist book. Research project directed by Paloma Polo with the support of Rey Claro Casambre and M&M&M. With texts by: Lorena Barros, Vicenta M. Buenafe, Roja Esperanza, Ara Gaag, Maria Guerra, Fiel Guillermo, Amado V. Hernandez, Ka Hoben, Rebo Iwag, Ka J.O., Emmanuel Lacaba, Silvia Madiaga, Lucia Makabayan, Bayani Obrero, Joven Obrero, OC Red, […]

El Barro de la Revolución- The earth of the Revolution

2019 Video HD- 120’8” What social conditions give rise to political change? This question propelled my immersion in the revolutionary movement in the Philippines, the oldest and most consolidated struggle for democratic sociopolitical transformation in the world. The work, coexistence, and filmic inquiry I undertook in a guerrilla front were the culmination of three years […]