What is Thought in the Thought of People

2015 3 drawings: 50×70 cm- 2 drawings: 35×50 cm- 1 drawing 40,5×30,5 cm Video HD- 17’ The hour of the serpent descends on the land, echoes an old man’s voice as he recalls a memory meandering between the mythic and real. Faceless, the testimony unfolds, unhurriedly. This is a tale where both temporality and territory […]

A Fleeting Moment of Dissidence Becomes Fossilised and Lifeless After the Moment has Passed /book

2015 40 inkjet prints on cotton paper. Framing glass including serigraphy. 51,5 x 34,5 cm each. Artist book. Download for free: https://issuu.com/ca2m/docs/paloma_polo_a_fleeting_moment_of The series of images presented are derived from a collaborative research undertaken by Polo in dialogue with Naty Merindo, an 85-year-old Agta woman living in the Peninsula of San Ildefonso, Casiguran, Philippines. The […]

Unrest: Film

2015 Video HD. 47’ 36’’ Unrest explores themes of expropriation, exploitation and emancipation at three planes of reality. The first plane is the reality of those who experience expropriation. The second is the modes of exploitation by various actors. The third plane is the responses to the expropriation and exploitation of those seeking emancipation. The […]

Unrest: Research Project

2014 Collaborative inquiry, exchange and discussion. For more detailed contents please read the website “Unrest”: http://palomapolo.com/unrest/introduction.html During the earlier stage of my three year immersion in The Philippines, I investigated the instruments deployed in that context to dominate and legitimize land grabbing, while my principal interest laid in the organizations combatting this exploitation. In the […]