In its initial stage, the research will explore how global power structures and the implementation of so-called “development” programs and models drawn from neoliberal monopoly-capitalist agendas are intensifying land-tenure conflicts and jeopardizing the ability of the population to sustain their very existence. It will also endeavor to examine the different bodies of knowledge and rationalities at play in these conflicts and how they interact and contend with each other.

The second stage of the research involves a collective dialogue in the form of focus group discussions (FGDs). These FGDs involves the participation of the commissioned researchers, leaders and representatives of local communities, political organizations and advocacy groups actively informing and shaping the production of knowledge in these fields.

The objective of the FGDs is to propose and design a model based on social, political and environmental impact assessments.

The discussions will take place in The Philippines where the research collaborators will be gathered to discuss the topic and conduct their own studies.

Proposals for a new social design will be developed in subsequent position papers culled from the respective disciplinal interventions of all research collaborators.

This process will be conducted, at every turn, in dialogue with the local community, and by means of the work and collaboration of the people directly involved or concerned with the case study proposed.