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Paloma Polo. Madrid. 1983

Paloma Polo’s practice has unfolded alongside a continuing immersion in zones of unrest. Along a drifty path, the artist has been devising and enacting narratives to tentatively capture the emergence of political thought in particular contexts or temporal segments, so as to understand what their overlooked preconditions and unfulfilled potentialities are. These lines of inquiry entail, according to Polo, paying heed to worldviews that are suppressed in the making and normalization of political categories, even emancipatory ones —they have led her to observe cosmologies and political imaginaries that are rendered invisible and therefore remain predominantly unrecognized. 

Polo’s practice is based in situated investigations that mostly thrive conversationally, by way of personal engagement, comradeship and critical appraisals of institutionalised archival narratives. Storytelling and fictionalisations, generally materialized audio-visually, are, in her work, inquisitive means to fathom the remoulding of socio-political relations in their convoluted movements.